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Available upon order for best freshness as they come in mesh bags!


Tea Bath is amazing at any time. It's not only for after a stressful day of being active whether from working, exercising, or completing daily tasks. At any given time a bath tea is amazing, even if you are so free and haven't worked a bone in your body and you still just want to relax just because of the aromas from a soothing soak or the feeling you get from the herbs and salts soaking into your body. Whatever the reason is you will love My Hearty Leaf's Bath Teas.


Good for 3 days of use if steeped in each bath. However, these bath teas are also great Exfoliators during a shower or while bathing as well.


Soothing Soak Bath Tea

The ingredients ⬇️

Lavender essential oil

Dried Rosemary

Organic Green Tea


Epsom salt



Detox Soak Bath Tea

The ingredients ⬇️

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda

Dried Ginger

Eucalyptus oil

Organic Green Tea

Dried Spinach


Rejuvenated Soak Bath Tea

The ingredients ⬇️



Dried Sage


Lavender scented Epsom Salt

At any given time Bath Tea

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