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The Way Tea Should Be

Hi and welcome, my name is Keisha, I am the CEO & founder of MY HEARTY LEAF tea Co.  I had one goal in mind which was: providing high-quality, all-natural Tea.  For many years I suffered from indigestion, insomnia, as well as anemia.  My PCP always had me on vitamins and I was required to have iron and B12 injections.  After filling many prescriptions for quick-fix medications, I realized I needed and wanted to be more healthy.  After much research and my extreme love for tea.  I founded MY HEARTY LEAF tea.  My passion for excellence has driven me from the beginning and continues to drive me into the future of health.  We know that every inch of our bodies is important.  I strive to make every cup of your MY HEARTY LEAF tea as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!

I am a licensed cottage food handler in the state of Connecticut. 

*Tea can be the panacea for life's
Health & Wellness, with moderate Use!

Relaxation Promotes Calmness

which promotes the healing of the Soul!*


Lakeisha Robinson


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