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Vision & Mission


I vision a tea boutique where customers can come be comfortable, relax, enjoy a cup of tea in the shop or to go.


My mission is to provide that Luxury experience.  My shop is a Vegan Loose Leaf Tea & Boutique.  The accessories, shoes, desserts, and teas are 100% Vegan!  Also, I do tea pairings for each pair of shoes.  The feeling you get from wearing your shoes is the same feeling you will get when drinking your tea.  There's a shoe and tea for every event you can think of.  Each shoe and tea have a purpose.  I like to think of my tea boutique to give the experience a Luxury Boutique gives.  You can sip on our many different Luxury loose leaf teas specially hand blended by myself while you privately or publicly shop as I allow private bookings for shopping.  You also have the opportunity to mix and match your teas to your liking.  My mission is to be sure you leave happy and satisfied with your purchase.  

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